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Jeremy Lin's top three hairdos of the past five seasons – Nothin' But Nets

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Jeremy Lin has had many hairstyles over the past several seasons. He went from spiking his hair up a la Goku to dreads. Some styles have gone over better than others.

Jeremy Lin’s dreadlocks have recently caused some controversy. Former Net Kenyon Martin said that Lin wanted “to be black.” This comes after Lin addressed his latest hairstyle in the Players Tribune. Lin said that the choice had nothing to do with racial identity.

While the topic is a serious matter — racial identity versus cultural appropriation — let’s take it on a lighter note and discuss hair in general. Hair in the NBA is a fickle thing. Some styles are player signatures. Think Kawhi Leonard’s and Allen Iverson’s cornrows. Others, like Lin’s, are revolving doors.

We at Nothin’ But Nets would be amiss if we did not use this opportunity to take a closer look at Lin’s hair. So without further ado, here are the top three Lin hairstyles in the last five seasons:

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