Major Sports Leagues and Schedules

This chart shows the calendar schedules of various sports leagues around the world. On this chart are some of the top leagues of several different sports: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, ultimate frisbee.

Conclusion: Surprisingly, many of the top sports leagues are played in the winter months. It may make sense for indoor sports such as basketball and hockey to be played during the winter, but even outdoor sports like soccer and football are played in winter. Even soccer leagues in the southern hemisphere play their matches in their winter months. With the exception of some leagues like WNBA and AFL — these leagues are scheduled in the summer months with the intent to not compete against the bigger sports league. The UEFA Champions Cup tournament is conveniently schedule to start after the end of the majority of European Soccer league matches.

The summer months presents less opportunities to watch sports. However the options are still plentiful with baseball, outdoor lacrosse and ultimate frisbee.

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